Knife and Cutting Board Oil


Mitchell Cutlery Knife and Cutting Board Oil



Introducing, Mitchell Cutlery Knife and Cutting Board Oil!

This premium, food grade, made in the USA, oil is designed specifically to lubricate your blades, along with your cutting boards. Keeping them pristine and free of rust or breakage. This oil contains everything needed to keep your knives and cutting boards in tip top shape!

Along with the Mineral Oil, we have added a proprietary blend of all natural Essential Oils to make sure that all of the surfaces are not only lubricated, but disinfected. This product, is truly, a one of a kind item. You will find nothing like this on the market today. Moreover, I make this myself, and rest assured, you are getting an extremally high quality product.

  • Food Grade Mineral Oil
  • All Natural Essential Oils
  • Glass Bottle with spray applicator – 4oz, 120ml
    Note: These are hand bottled, I try to fill as high as possible without spilling, oil amounts will very slightly.
  • Protective applicator lid
  • Knife Oil Price: $15
  • FREE Shipping within the U.S.


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